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The SpaceKraft® 1,000 Liter Export Container for nonhazardous liquids is quickly becoming the Paper IBC of choice for companies worldwide. No matter how you ship your products or how far they travel, nothing stacks up to this solution.

Product Name: SpaceKraft 1,000 Liter Export Container ExportExport

With up to 25 tons of compression strength and square shape, SpaceKraft IBCs can carry 20% more product than drums in the same amount of space!
Product Line: Export for Nonhazardous Liquids
Dimensions: 1100mm; L x 1100mm; W x 1020mm; H
Pallet Size: Fits on a 1140mm; x 1140mm; pallet
Description: The 1,000 liter export container measures 110 x 110 cm and made from six, eight or ten plies of corrugated paper.  The patented process has NO manufacturer’s joint or wooden components.  This Paper IBC is the most efficient use of space in an export sea container – offering 20,000 liters of shipping capacity.  This SpaceKraft package is used for exporting food ingredients on six continents, in over 50 countries.  Using SpaceKraft eliminates the need for costly disposal of traditional IBC’s and drums. In addition to being recyclable, these SpaceKraft export containers provide seven times (7X) the insulation, compared to drums, offering superior protection during extreme heat or cold.
Superior strength and durability through eight or nine-wall seamless construction
Stacks up to four high in storage
Completely recycable and biodegradable
No wood or metal parts
Seven times the insulation factor of drums for superior protection during extreme heat or cold

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